Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dylan Wilk, Philanthropist... and Gawad Kalinga

I was just watching The Duke in AXN. This is a glossy men’s magazine talk show with Rovilson Fernandez, Marc Nelson, and Eunice Olsen. The show is based in Singapore and is the fruit of Marc's and Rovilson's participation in Amazing Race Asia 2.Whiler Eunice is a former Miss Singapore Universe and the yougest elected member of the Parliament
As for The Duke, they usually features the Duke of the week, who is either rich, famous, or both, and most importantly have laready live LIFE. The Duke of the Week for this week is Dylan Wilk. He is previously one of the richest man (9th) below 30 in England, all attributed to the success of his gaming programs. He lived a life then of cars, jetsetting all over the world, and all the perks of being rich. A Filipina friend shared with him some insights on the Philippines...including the fact that the price of one shoulder bag...or 1 luxury car can build homes for several homeless Pinoys. Wilk was in Sydney when he witnessed a beauty contest whose contestants raised enough money to build a few dozen houses in the Phlippines. His curiosity was piqued and decided to travel to Manila to see for himself the feasibility of this project. His discovery of the life most of the Pinoys are facing made him go back to England, and sold his latest BMW acquisition for $100,000.00....and build homes in GK. From then on, he was involve with Gawad Kalinga and helping alleviate poverty not only in the Philippines but also in other parts of the globe .

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