Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Christmas Gift

I was not able to enjoy the Christmas holiday because I was given given a surprising gift for christmas, and on christmas eve no less: a 32 week premee (with a Ballards' score of 29 weeks)from a G3 mother with incompetent cervix. . . . pressure!!! In short, I spent the better part of the holidays and most of january in the nicu working on giving this mom the best christmas gift ever. He is a tiny bundle of energy during the first week that I thought..." is this going to be a benign, crisis free nicu stay and just concentrate on gaining weight, or is this the lull before the storm?" I prayed it would be the former because i intended to have a stress free beginning of the New year, however problems soon appeared on the the 2nd week of life. Apnea and neonatal sepsis sets in, and the supportive mother and I took turns staying awake to keep on stimulating the baby. Our hard work and prayers were answered, the little prince recovered, gained weight and was discharged weighing 1900 grams at 37 weeks corrected age.

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