Saturday, March 21, 2009

My New Baby...Canon SX10 IS

This is going to be a marathon blogging since Im going to be making several posts today...or until the desire/muse left me.

Naturally since my Christmas holiday was spent working, I have to indulge myself with a new pasttime...and I discovered a new hobby - photography. I have a somewhat new canon ixus 870IS (bought last November when my old cam surrendered to exhaustion after being borrowed by somebody). I was lurkring in several photography forums and became fascinated with macros, bokehs, street photography, night photography, etc. the old baby (canon 870is) limited my exploration to these fields. So I decided to invest in DSLRs, however the thought of dragging a big bag for the big cam and the lenses somewhat diminished my desire until i discovered the bridge cameras...a bridge between the pocket sized point and shoot cameras and the DLRs. My research lead me to these ultrazoom camera. The test photos shown in several review sites sold me to Canon SX10is. Thus the hard earned money parted with me, and my love affair with photography begun.

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