Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Holy week '09: Camiguin Island

The family decided to vary our holy week routine, instead we decided to spend the time in Camiguin. We left Surigao Tuesday afternoon hoping to rest (since I am a poor land traveller suffering from motionsickness. So by Wed morning we are already on the bus for Balingoan. The decision to use public transport became a very wise decision since when we arrived in the port of Balingoan, the line for the vehicles for boarding the ferry was sooooooooooo long reaching up to the highway.

This was my first time to spend holy week in Camiguin and I was amazed by the devotion of those going to "paglibot" where they literally do the station of the cross trekking the circumferential camiguin highway taking more that 24 hours on foot.
Great devotion indeed, to be walking all day and night with just the occasional rest on the side of the road. The usual rest is on the foot of the walkway since it is well guarded during this time. On our part we just had the station of the cross on the walkway on Holy Thursday. The climb was invigorating since we started at 5 am. We had the best view of the sunrising on the 12th station.

On Good friday, since we learned that their usual station of the cross in Mambajao was already finished when we visited the church at 8 am ( they started at 4 am!), we just hired a motorcycle and had the Visita Iglesion around the island...after a 4 hour motorcycle ride, burned nose, tons of sunblock, and sore muscles from riding astride the motorcycle, we literally made round of all the churches and chapels along the highway.
Saturday was spent for leisure. First waking up at 5 am to dip in the cyrstal blue green water of white island.
It was literally an adventure since we were on a small boat to white island and the water was very choppy, but the fear was replaced with wander and awe...this time sunrise was spent om a small white island surrounded by crystal blue waters that was sooooo tempting that I disregarded caution and swam...me with a rebonded hair! hehehe.
Then we had breakfast in Ardent hot spring. They said the warm water of the hot spring is therapeutic, I really dont know but dipping in the 32-390C water of Ardent took away the aches and pains .

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